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A storm can wreak havoc on a variety of areas of the exterior of your home. In many cases, there is extensive damage to more than one of those areas after just one storm. At  A.W.S. Restorations, we offer recovery and repair services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and the surrounding areas for the following:

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We understand that some situations call for an emergency repair, and we will get there as quickly as possible. This ensures that your home will not further damage by the after-effects of the storm. When the weather has calmed down, we will come back for a complete and permanent repair of any storm damage.


Storm Damage?


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to Repair Storm Damage to your Roof.



If your roof suffers damage from a storm, wind, hail or falling objects, you can’t wait for the weather to ease before making repairs.  Water entering your home can cause serious and expensive structural damage.

Call the roof repair professionals of A.W.S. Restorations for rapid crisis response.


After our rapid response team makes emergency repairs to seal the damage and minimize the entry of water, we’ll return when the weather calms down to make a full assessment and recommend additional repairs. In many cases A.W.S. Restorations can restore your roofing system “like new” without the expense of a complete roof replacement.


If the damage is extensive and a new roof is required, we’ll prepare a  comprehensive written estimate for providing a high quality roofing system that is guaranteed to deliver reliable and durable protection for years and years.


A.W.S. Restorations will help you work with your insurance company speed the claims filing process. We will document the damage to your roof and provide the necessary paperwork, including repair estimates, to help the claims process move as smoothly and quickly as possible.


A damaged roof is a hazard that threatens your family and the important investment you have made in your home. Don’t delay repairs. Learn why so many homeowners rely on A.W.S. Restorations for the repair and restoration of roofing Fairfax homes.


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Trust the repair and restoration of your roof to the professional at A.W.S. Restorations.

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